3 Advantages of Selling Your Home in Cash:

1. A much faster and safer process. When a loan is made until it is not signed at the closing time, situations that affect, delay or cancel the purchase may occur. Loss of employment, interest increase if not fixed or secured at the time of separating the property and situations that appear in the credit history when the report is made for final approval are some of them. When you sell your property to a cash buyer you can make the closing up in a week without having to wait 30 days and sometimes much longer, than it takes to process the mortgage loan.

2. Easier to sell. When you decide to sell the property, the process of your part as a seller will also be easier and cheaper for you. You will not be charged for mortgage cancellations or paperwork with the bank because there is no loan, although you must submit the documentation of the title of the property in order to make the sale.

3. Cash sales are typically “as is”, so there is usually no need to make major repairs and repairs.

3 Advantages of Selling Your Home in Cash:
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