10 reasons why not sell your house

You have months selling your house and it is not sold? You wonder what happens? Here are the top 10 reasons why not sell your house

1. The price:

Your home may be invaluable to you from an emotional point of view, but at the time of selling, that does not count. Placing a very high price can be a big problem when you want to sell it because you do not restrict offers for it.

2. The inability to show it

You must make the effort to be available most of the time or facilitate entry to your real estate agent.

3. Low flexibility to negotiate on your part

If you say that the price is firm and you are not willing to trade, you reduce your chances of selling.

4. Visible problems

Sometimes small details make your home look careless and have a negative impact on potential buyers. Leaks, cracks, trash, dirty, stained or poorly painted walls and broken closet doors are some of the things that give a negative appearance to potential buyers.

5. Inspection problems

If the home has hidden defects or structural problems, they will not be seen with the naked eye but an inspector will alert the buyers.

6. Very low offers

Do you think the price of your house is very fair? Do not be surprised if buyers make you an offer that you find ridiculous.

7. House does not look attractive

It’s hard for you to figure it out yourself, but if you ask yourself, what does your house do that people do not like so much, things like old kitchens, sloppy bathrooms or unattractive bathrooms can be a deterrent to conventional buyers.

8. Visible problems in the community

You could have your house very nice, but if to get to it there are streets full of garbage, careless cars or repairing in the streets, other ugly or neglected houses, or vacant lots where groups to make noises or illegal things, all that Will affect your buyers.

9. Saturation of the market

This is a buyers market, if your house does not suit them as a business, they have others to choose from.

10. Not the best time to sell

In all the months of the year houses are sold, but there are times slower than others like, Christmas, the spring break and the intense winter. Some choose to take it out of the sales market in those months, others have patience and continue.

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10 reasons why not sell your house
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